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  • Need the scoop on about the CC32


    I'm in the market to buy a bigger boat. I currently have a 28 Albemarle w/ Volvo Diesels and am looking closely at the 31. I am broadening my search to include the Carolina 32 and Topaz 32. I will be keeping the new boat in Everett, WA during the winters and spring for salmon / bottomfish / halibut and cruising the San Juan Islands with the family. The summer and fall I will be out of Westport, WA chasing tuna offshore (30-75NM).

    As owners of CC32's, can you help me with these questions?
    1. The CC's are known for there excellent ride. How is this boat while drifting?

    2. Is there a preffered engine combination? I would preffer Cummins, Cat, Volvo, Yanmar (in that's a local service thing)

    3. How big are the fish boxes? Our local tuna average 20-30 lbs.

    4. What kind of fuel burn / cruise should I expect when loaded?

    5. Is there an option for a helm seat instead of a bench?

    6. How good or bad is the engine room access?

    7. How is the visibility from the the breaks in the winshield interfere with vis?

    8. Anything else you can think to tell a prospective buyer. I am trying to narrow down my search as much as possible before I fly East to sea trial some different boats.

    Thank You,


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    I am in my first year of a 2006 32, owning a 2001 28 CC for 4 seasons.

    The 32 rides incredible, with a proud running angle that requires a bit of tab down for good visibility. There are no obstructions from the windshield frame or stantions for me (5-10") I do suppose there may be an issue if you where 6-5" ++

    The boat does rock while adrift, it will lean over pretty far but does transition quite smooth, it doesn't snap roll.

    I'm running the Cummins QSB 425's cruising @ 2550-2600 25-26 knots depending on load & sea state. At that RPM the burn is 31-33.5 GPH's, again depending upon load & sea state.

    The 2 in deck boxes are generous in size, here in the N.E. I can put 3-4 50-75# tuna in each box with room for ice, (my boxes are refrigerated but the compressor is broken now) and hold ice pretty well.

    If there is anything else you would like to know, feel free to ask.

    Good Luck,

    "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32


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      Just out of curiousity, what do you get for peformance with a full load at WOT with the 425's?


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        3020 RPM's full load, 31 knots 3050 light, 32.5 knots
        "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32


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          32 cc

          the information chris gave is pretty much my #,s also,, i dont think i would change my power,which are cummins also,, great boat you wont go wrong..


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            Thank you for the inputs. From the information you provided, I came up with .85 - .89NM per Gal. Does that sound about right? I realize it is a very heavy 32 but that seems pretty low.
            How come there are no pulpits on the CC's? Out here on the left coast we use the pulpit to cast to jumpers or near kelp paddys and the pulpit is real nice for this.
            Keep the info coming. I really like the look of the CC and the large flair.



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              Mac has not done a pulpit but might consider doing one special order if you require one in your application.

              The efficiency you figured on the QSB425s seems about right -- and yes she is a heavy 32. Boats with a perfectly clean bottom and wheels see a touch better in my experience.

              I ran the first QSB480 powered 32 about 10 days ago with Mac at the plant. We saw about 2 knots extra accross the board and a little higher efficiency . . . We had 5 of us on the boat, full fuel and water, it was upper 80s air temp with a moderate chop in the sound . . . we calculated an average of .94 nmpg. Mac figured that the change in gear ratio (the 480 boat uses a 2.5:1 gear) coupled with how the ecm is mapped accounts for the modest increase in efficiency/burn numbers.



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                I'm curious if you had any info on the 480 yanmar in the 32? I'd imagine the performance numbers are similar. Any pro's in going with the cummins 480HO. Seems like a lot hp coming out of 5.9 block.


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                  No info on the 480 Yanmar yet . . . When one gets built I will let you know. We are not in a big Yanmar market here (no reason other than Cummins and Volvo have had excellent support here forever and not much on the Yanmar front yet) but these things do change.

                  QSB480 is a solid motor and I don't think that we are pulling too much out of the block yet. Common rail technology and the related advances in ecm(s) etc. have really changed the diesel market. For example, with the monitoring done by the ecm on the Cummins (and Volvo for that matter) when the engine senses trouble it de-rates and 'protects itself'. Back in the day when I ran high output 892 Detroits if you had a raw water restriction or tore a fin on an impeller by the time you saw it on the analog gauge at the dash (if you saw it) and pulled her back your motor was already cooked. With the ecm in the mix it knows it the second it happens (sense inlet water pressure change and subsequent temp creep start) and reacts/de-rates immediately. The computer tracks everything from inlet water temp, pressure, outlet temp & pressure, boost, gear temp/press, fuel flow/temp/press and the list goes on and on . . . and the system is very robust and is not glitchy like the old DDEC systems and such.

                  On the flip side from a diagnostic angle, when we plug into a motor we can tell everything about how that motor was run which helps when tracing down any sort of performance change(s).