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I finally did it. Proud owner of a 28 CC.

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  • I finally did it. Proud owner of a 28 CC.

    I just bought a new (untitled) 2005 28 from BlueWater Yacht Sales in Orange Beach, AL. It is my first inboard, my first diesel and my first flying bridge. Boy do I have a lot to learn. Sea trialed the boat in 6 foot seas and could not believe how well she handled. I have not had a chance yet to fish, other than just a little close in trolling, been spending all my time the past few weekends trying to get my lift set properly for her, but that's another story.

    You guys hang with me cause I'll probably be asking some really basic newbie questions.


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    Congrats on the new rig. Post up your questions, someone here will help you out.

    When you get a chance, post up some pics or send them to me for the photo gallery with a bio.
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      Orange Beach


      Congratulations......You will have to scrub the gunwales on that boat real good to make sure you get all my drool off.
      I have looked at it (lusted after it) several times(tire kicking) and I just didn't have the money to pull the trigger.
      How was it working with the Longs????


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        Bennett did a nice job obviously. He hooked me right in the corner of my jaw when he shoved the throttles open in the 6 foot seas and the boat did not even seem to notice. Keep in mind that I'm coming from a Century 2300 CC. I think they wanted to move the boat and I was a willing buyer. They met all my expectations as promised so far.