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    My name is Joseph Allbritton. I am finishing up at Clemson right now (5.5yrs!) and as soon as I can get back home and start working again, I'm looking into getting into a used CC25 or 28 with my father and brother. All dad has said is he will not get one with gas, he wants diesel, but i think we could go either way. I just wanted to introduce myself and I'll be reading ya'lls posts and putting together some ideas on what kind of things to look for in a used 25 (i think over the 2.

    Feel free to let me know how things work over here on

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    We don't allow Clemson grads to ride on Carolina Classics!

    Just kidding (I'm a USC grad myself).

    I personally don't see a problem with gas unless you are going to use the boat A LOT! Otherwise, the much cheaper price of a gas powered CC (especially the 28's) compared to the diesel will cover thousands of gallons of gas.


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      I chose to go with the gas motors over the diesels in the 28 because of the price difference. There is about 30k in price difference between a diesel boat and a gas boat in the same age range. My situation is the exact same. I am graduating from college and moving back home and we got our boat in November. it is a 28 with twin 502 volvo's and my dad was all about a diesel boat until he saw the price difference then he started to want a gas boat for some reason. Plus my boat with the gas motors will FLY. I can get almost 50 mph out of a 15,000 lbs boat.


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        I would research two things when considering gas -vs- diesel. Resale and cost of maintenance.

        Is this the same Z71 that posts on
        "A Fine is a tax for doing wrong, A Tax is a fine for doing well"
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          you can't buy a boat,i still need you on mine....

          i think if my current nightmare ever gets over with i would like a 28 cc..


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            yes, i am the same as on cf.

            is this a bad thing or what? you got me curious.


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              Not at All

              I'm not a judgemental person from a web site. Just like to familiarize myself with the folks who fish in Charleston's waters. I would like to find more CC people in SC so we might be able to put on a small CC tournament.

              Good luck on your 28' If you can spring the extra cash you can't beat diesel power!
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              "A Fine is a tax for doing wrong, A Tax is a fine for doing well"
              2006 35'CC twin 540


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                yeah, alright jobsite, figured that is what you were getting at. i dont know that many people with cc's but if you are ever in need of someone to test ride your boat, just let me know!

                i do know that some guy out of hh caught a blue already at edisto banks on acarolina classic.