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  • cc owner just found site

    owned a 28 cc for four years. started of with volvo 7.4 (2 sets) and just replaced with the new 6.0 crusader captians choice this will be first full year of fishing season. these engines are the way to go if you are repowering with gas engines. any way good to see this web site because i can always use some helpful hints.

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    The Carolina Classic Crusader Club

    This will be my second year w/ 6.0 Crusaders and I am very pleased. I hope you have a good experience w/ them also. I had listened to a lot of nay sayers before I put these engines in, "not enough torque, underpowered, etc", but they have served me well through the first year and a little over 100 hrs. Good luck.



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      Tom, what is you typical fuel burn and what are your speeds, cruise and max?


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        tom did you that b and g make a digital readout for the crusader 6.0 that will tell you how much fuel that you are burning and all of your vitals and even will read engine diagnostic code. all you have to do is plug it right into the engines computer and is very reasonably priced as compared to a floscan


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          Missprint: what is the p/n or model of the B&G device? It must connect to the OBDII port on the ECU.


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            my turn it is the b and g net-esys. they have a website but it is hard to find so i posted the link
            i just orderd it and should be receiving it today so i dont have any info on it yet. the main reason that i orderd it was beacuse i had a flowscan on my volvos and when i repowered with the crusaders flowscan said that the crusaders have returns and i would have to get a totaly new system (1,000) unistalled. the b&g you can get for (475) and you can install it yourself according to a b&g sells rep.


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              Fuel Burn

              I do not have the digital readout.
              I have Mercruiser Duo-props on my Classic and my typical fuel burn is approx. 10-14 gals. per hour. As far as speeds go, I cannot reach above 3800 Rpm due to a rigging issue. I did all of the work installing myself and I still have a lot to do to get it right. At 3200 RPM I exceed 30 kts, at 3800 RPM Iget about 35 kts. The boat will move. Mac has helped my out like you wouldn't believe! It is nice to live near the factory and to visit at will. I have been down ther numerous times and Mac and his entire staff have treated me like a king every time I visit.


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                Originally posted by miss print
                my turn it is the b and g net-esys. b&g you can get for (475) and you can install it yourself according to a b&g sells rep.
                Who did you order from? I am going to get one too


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                  my turn you can get it at