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  • good day to you....

    Hello everyone! I have been viewing the site for several months thought it was time to join in.... Hope I have something worth while? I am looking @ CC 28's so we will see what comes along....

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    welcome aboard


    randy good luck on your search for a 28 they are awsome boats.....if you get a chance go down to edenton were they build the boats you'll be very impressed and you'll see the difference between carolina classics and albelmarles. you insure my 1998 25 carolina classic f.stop II out of cape may any questions give me a the way randy is a great guy to deal with for boat insurence.

    steve s.

    f.stop II


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      Thanks Steve!

      I appreciate the kind words. I have the pleasure of covering a bunch of these great boats, I have heard few complaints... that would deter me from them. The construction, weight, beam, and Tank like quality has me sold! Albemarle just can not beat it...
      Now I just need to find the right one in the parameters I am looking for... Would love the 25 But I think I will outgrow it too fast...

      P.S. I have sent a bunch of peeps to you down there for your Sea Tow Program!


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        [email protected]

        Randy ,good to here our insurace guy loves our boats that we buy, your correct not much can compare to the CC ,in any size .hope you CAN FIND THE ONE FOR YOU. This forum is well done also ,and keeps us informed .Not many Manufactures or Dealers have such forums, they may not like what they here, Mac and his family stand behind there product ,and offer one of the best out there . Let me know when your in Atlantic City and
        I,ll get you out on the [email protected] for a sea trial. good luck Capt. Jim


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          WOW - I am in some great company here!!! Capt. Jim- You have a beauty! My wife will jump @ that offer. Guys feel free if I can help in anyway with questions, etc.. I am here to learn & contribute so I appreciate the acceptance.


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            I don't know what your price range is but there is a nice 28' sitting in Florida at Jacksonville Yacht Sales. Seen it Yesterday when I took delivery on my boat. Call and Talk to Jon Hammilton he will work with you on price.
            "A Fine is a tax for doing wrong, A Tax is a fine for doing well"
            2006 35'CC twin 540


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              thanks JobSite,

              I appreciate the notice, I would like a new one but do not think I can make those #'s work.. I will keep looking no hurry on my end.