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2007 winter punch list - here's mine/anyone else?

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  • 2007 winter punch list - here's mine/anyone else?

    Skipjack 2007 work list

    • Port macerator replacement
    o Replace existing hose w/ thinner more flexible hose?
    • Storage bags refit
    o Secure to hard top with pad eyes
    o Port – life vests and inflatables
    o Starboard – wet suit; mask, grundens, exposure suit; etc.
    o Leave center one out?
    • area for life raft under seat
    o What if I cut the back piece of the foot rail and cap the rough edges? Can the raft fit there?
    • Engines
    o general service/fluids/flush coolant/belts/impellers/thermostat/zincs
    o Reroute raw water line below transmission/tied to stringer
    o Add transmission drain lines to oil change pump
    • Replace main relay in engine room
    • Replace spotlight – use same Guest spotlight to simplify rewiring
    • Better life ring and stowage
    o Center of hardtop with padeyes?
    o Smaller one lashed to inside of tower leg?
    • Under galley storage – spares, fluids?
    • Any way to safely secure bladder under fish box after it is emptied – have to consider moving shafts and rudder…
    • Redo milk crate in engine room for engine spares and fluids
    • Running light on tower? Replace w./ higher one on buggy top?
    • Livewell – cut off water feed at T and figure out better storage options.
    • Corner rod holders?
    • Seal hardtop holes
    • Bilge and bilge alarm wire check
    • Crash pump relocation?
    • Replace transducer and paddle wheel – transom mount or shoot through hull?

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    How much do you charge for your services?

    I thought I was proactive regarding maintenance. Do you change your belts and water pump impellers every year?
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      Punch list

      It was 9 degrees here in Virginia this morning. Shoreline water on the river that my dock is on, leading to the Chesapeake Bay, was frozen out about 10'. One inch of snow predicted for tonight.

      I'll plan my list a little closer to spring. All I can think of is staying warm. I'm hoping for a short winter.

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        400 hr's/year

        belts and impeller always get changed. coolant gets flushed and thermostat changed every 2 years. Oil every 150 hr's, transmission fluid was every 200 the 1st 2 years though I may go to once/season this year.

        I pay the yard winter fees to do all P.M. as long as I am under warranty. It's expensive but better than having a failure during the short summer up here.


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          Winter punch list

          1. Buy a new boat!

          2. Rig it to the max!

          3. Enjoy!

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