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Fighting Chair Or Rocket Launcher For 32

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  • Fighting Chair Or Rocket Launcher For 32

    Need Some Input Re: Anyones Experience With Either Chair Or Launcher ? Does The Chair Get In The Way, Is There A Smaller Design Would You Do It Or Just Go To A Rocket Launcher With A Portable Chair For Those Big Blues And Tunas.. Any Input Would Be Most Appreciated.. Chuck From Outerbanks And Florida.....

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    I had a mid size bluewater chair from Florida in my last 28 and it worked fine. Never seemed to get in the way and was a great place to put rods and one of my crew to watch the baits. However, I rarely ever took the footrest for the chair because I was in a 28. You should not have any problem with a chair in the 32 even with the footrest. Plus you always have the option of taking the footrest off. The only downside I had was moving the chair on and off the boat so it would not get stolen (it was heavy) when I was out of town. You may not have this concern where you dock your boat.


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      Thanks For The Input,, Nautical Design Has A Chair To Look At The Back Folds Upright And The Footrest Folds Down And In.. I Know Once You Hook A Big Eye Or Marlin You Need One,,anyone With A 32 Cc Thats Got One Let Me Know Would Appreciate .. I Forgot To Mention That My 32 Will Have A Transom Live Well Also Thanks


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        Transom livewell

        You still will not have any problems with the space even with the transom livewell. Just make sure you don't purchase a #130 class chair. Plenty of vendors sell #80 class chairs with all the bells and whistles of a #130.


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          I have a chair from Natuical Designs on my 28' CC with the 4" post and love it. The foor test folds up out of the way but most of the time we leave it in the cabin and pull it out for short legged people. This link has a pic.[URL=""]

          Another thing, use lock-tite on all screws and bolts. We had them to get loose but not after using the lock-tite.
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          Richard Pelleter
          Chesapeake, VA
          2001 28' CC


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            Chair Space

            Richsrd,, Thanks For The Photos, Nice Boat And The Marina Looks Good Too... Really Appreciate The Feedback ,, Chuckabear...