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  • 28 trailer

    Does anyone know if they make a trailer that would hold a 28. Not going to use it to actually trailer the boat down the road just to pull it out and do your regular out of water maintenance i.e. grease wheels paint bottom and such. Trying to weigh out the options of a lift or a trailer.

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    Call Tom Mack

    Call Tom Mack of South Shore Marine in Huron, Ohio. They use a company that makes trailers for the 28. I'm sure he can send you in the right direction.


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      any yard style trailer should work as well. they have adjustable bunks to fit various hulls with strong axles. If you want to have somehting built, I know the guys at South Shore trailer one and they use aluminum trailers from a local Ohio builder. I had a trailer built for my 25 from Loadmaster of Ohio. They built customs so they could definately fit something for you.
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        28 Trailer

        Road King makes one- There is a 28, diesel inboard in Emerald Isle that sits on one. Does not go over the road due to height but pulls out for maintenance and storms.