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Kingfish tournaments and the CC25

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  • Kingfish tournaments and the CC25

    I'll probably be entering my CC25 in two Kingfish tournaments this year. In years past I've used my outboard boats that cruised a good bit faster than the CC25. Entering the CC25 will be a new experience.

    Does anyone else fish a CC25 in kingfish tournaments? I'm curious what your experience has been and has the speed differential between you and your competition has been an issue in limiting your fishing range such that you don't feel competitive.

    I guess the best thing to do is pray for bad weather where the CC can really shine!

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    Getting close to Kingfish season...anyone kingfishing this year?


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      Just traded a 34 fountain Center Console for my new 35 CC. and I can't remember one time that i was fishing in the fountain I didn't wish I had a better riding boat. I don't think you'll be sacraficing anything just a little time.

      What tournaments are you planning on fishing?
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        Two problems

        I think the biggest disadvantages are #1- SPEED and #2-ability to SLOW troll.
        I fished team Carolina Hydra Sports for many years. back in the days, a 25 Hydra Sport with twin 140's was a power house: -D . Now days a 150 mile run each way is common. Team Boats have 4 -250's or soon to be 4-300's and an unlimited credit card. It is hard for the Mom and Pop teams which were the foundation of KMT's in the 80's and 90's to compete. Your 25 will be no match for an 70MPH + go fast boat. Pick a tournament that has boundaries and you will stand a better chance.

        #2 is the ability to slow troll. Not sure how slow you can go, but you know the slower the better. If not anchor up and fly a kite and enjoy the day. The results will surprise you. I've won a couple by anchoring up away from everybody and flying the kite.

        I have thought about fishing the 28 in one or two, but it will be on the hook.
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          I was thinking about the couple of tournaments in Beaufort, SC and may even trailer the boat up to NC for some fishing later on this Fall. I haven't made up my mind as yet.

          Your right about the insane money spent on these KMT boats these days. It really is becoming a professional's sport. That being said, it still comes down to who can catch the biggest fish!

          I hadn't planned on trolling. I plan on exploring some sites over the summer to look for some possible sites. Then I will anchor up and chum, chum, and chum some more!


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            i dont know how slow you need, but I slow troll 1-3 knots every day on my charter boat. Simply add trolling bags available anywhere that sells great lakes fishing tackle. I have 4 of them on my boat, two on each midcleat, for infinite control no matter the wind direction. they work really well.
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