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crow's nest for a 25'

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  • crow's nest for a 25'

    will the hard top on a cc25 hold a small crows nest. Just a simple fold-down type and a person. Anybody seen this????

    2007 CC28

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    I am certain the top will hold the weight. There may be an issue with access, as the back legs are not set up for ascending/descending. I have never seen one set up on a CC but have seen other tops modified for a crows nest.

    Good Luck,

    "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32


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      Agreed, I walk around on top of mine all the time when I'm washing her and it feels very stable up there, the top doesn't seem to flex at all. But as Chris mentioned the back legs pinch your feet on the bottom rung.
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      '94 Carolina Classic 25
      Volvo 7.4l carb, DP


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        I have seen one with a crows nest on her. It was one set up on for legs that was pinned into clips on the hard top and was just unpinned and removed for trailering. There were loops welded onto the hard top legs for the bottom step up.


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          I special ordered a "leaning post" last August, and have it mounted on my 25' hard top and LOVE IT! I don't know if I would go for the seat and all that, I would keep it a simple enclosed, removable leaning post.

          This is what I did:

          I contacted Ashley Welding in NC (go online) and talked to a super guy named Mike, I told him I wanted a wrap around leaning post for my hard top. My friend and I flyfish from my 25 and thought if I could have a casting station on the roof, would be nice (a little tough if you actually hook a fish) He created a masterpiece for me out of aluminium and since they do all the towers for CC, he had all the dimensions. He was doing warrantee work in CT, so actually threw it in with his welders and I met them in CT! I live on Long Island -no shipping!, thru-bolted on like a dream!

          Regarding the posts, since I never liked the gold rocket launchers on the aft posts, I removed them, got a rack of launchers made (Ashley) for along the aft edge of my hardtop. Mike used the bolt hole dimentions from the aft posts and custom made me 2 posts with a step on the bottom and one rocket launcher about 4 inches up the post. I just bolted them on my aft posts and now I have a step right up from the deck, then I stuck some nonskid on the first rung of the post, then the last step in the very last pipe that goes parallel the hard top. Its an easy climb and once your in the enclosed crowsnest, it is VERY sturdy, I even let my buddy drive and love hangin up there under way. "I'M KING OF HE WORLD" style...
          It wasn't too bad, cost wise, and I doubled my real estate!

          Sorry this is a little wordy, I will attach pictures as soon as I get the shrink wrap off.

          Drop me a line if you have any questions,