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  • Miami Boat Show

    I know it is still a month away I was wondering if anyone is heading down to the show. It is going to be my first time down there for the show I was wondering what I should look out for and what sections not to miss?

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    I went two years ago. What I remember most was how spread out the show is. You have to take shuttles to the 4 or 5 different areas. Don't make the mistake I made and drive a rental car to each will never find parking. Tough to see the whole show in one day. I remember there being a "big game" section devoted to tackle and gear for offshore fishing... that was cool and they have everything there to buy.
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      Thanks for the info!


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        Miami International

        My wife and I are planning our trip to Ft Lauderdale to co-inside with the Miami show. I have never had the oppurtunity to see that show so this will be a first. The salt water fishing exhibit at the Miami show is I am told not to be missed. The other nice thing about the Miami show is if you were really concidering buying a boat, many of the dealers will take you for a test ride with enough advance notice.The Atlantic City show, which has turned out to be one of the best shows of the year, is comming up the end of January to Feburary. Living only 20 minutes from the AC convention center gives us a chance to spend all the time we wish at that show. I will say that this was my last year to visit the New York show which I have not missed in 15 years. The best part about the New York show was the ferry ride from Port Imperial to 39th st. But remember the most important facts about all these shows . " Sixty days after the AC show is time to make ready " Gentlemen get out your buffers and start cleaning"

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          I cant wait!!!


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            Parking is a real problem anywhere around the actual convention center, not impossible but a good walk. What we do is park at one of the in-water dispalys and then take shuttles to the other section. Big Game Room is at the convention center and has everything. Convention center is where all the fishing gear, electronics, specialty stuff and gadgets are along with boats 40 feet and under are. I have not heard where CC will be within the show and/or what boats they will have there.
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              miami boat show

              I have been doing the miami boat show for about 8 years now.there is so much to see.I think you have to go there to see what you want to see or to buy what you need to buy (boats,electronics or accessaries).I try to send at least two days down there.last year I spent three and half days there and still did not see everthing.