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    I am not a computer guy and need to buy a new laptop for my wife. Can anyone help me with putting a spec together so I can purchase something that would be useful to her.

    She has started a new business, The Body Shop @home and will be doing light accounting/ spreadsheet work, misc. letters & mailings, online merchandise ordering, picture downloads... No gaming will be on this computer.

    Help is needed!!


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    Dell Latitude or Inspiron

    start here

    and upgrade memory to 2 Gig and your all set for 3-4 years...

    I do this for a living and am typing on this machine now.

    You can get by with a cheaper lap top and chip
    and save a few hundred dollars but my rule of thumb on machine purchases has always been to order 1 notch off state of the art and avoid the "too slow/too small" issue that comes up in 2 years if you go low end...


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      Larry is "Right On". I did this for a top 5 USA company for many years.

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        Go with the Insiron 9400. I just had 2 clients order these and they fly! Also the picture quality on them is great.
        Backman if you don't mind me asking do you work down here on the Cape or are you doing the commute to the city every day. I gave up the commute to the city and started my own consulting business down here on the Cape four years ago. It is funny how many Tech people I know that love running Offshore.



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          I still work for the man

          My company was acquired by the charming entity formerly known as Computer Associates 1.5 years back and I work out of Framingham.


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            Thanks guys, I have a Dell desktop (4 yrs old) and when I had ordered it I upgraded memory & processor so not to be outdated quickly. Well I'm about there now myself and will probably order a laptop & desktop together.

            Thanks for the help,

            "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32


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              Keep in mind any computer ordered now will qualify for free Vista OS upgrade. You might have to pay shipping for the cd but that's all.

              If your vendor doesn't give you the certificate, then go to this site and register:

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