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need help on CC25

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  • need help on CC25

    Looking at buying a 2001 CC 25 with new Crusader 8.1L .
    Few questions before i go forward with the deal.
    1. What is the average fuel burn (GPH/MPG)
    2. Person is asking 58K (Is that a good deal) I drove 12 horus this weekend to look at it. It looks good and really like the CC 25's
    3. Is it a safe boat for Offshore, (I unormally go out around 50 NM troll all day and return)

    I am really impresssed by the CC family here, i have owned two different type of boats and never seen the loyalty like this.


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    Here's a sample listed by Town Creek Marina in Beaufort, NC

    Click on see all listing and you will see a 2001 with a new 8.1l engine
    Advance, NC


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      Thanks for the reply, That is the boat i went to see this weekend at Town Creek, I was just tring to get the Fuel burn (GPH - MPG)
      And just if it is a good deal and is the engine is a good one and so on.

      It looks like you have close to the same. So how do you like yours and would you advise on this one.

      Thank you


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        Our run is about 30-45 nm to the gulfstream from Morehead City, NC. Depending upon speed and conditions, an average day's burn varies between 85-95 gal. That's going 22-24kts out and about the same or a little faster coming in, depending upon the wind. Cruise burn is about 15-16 gal hour at about 24-25 kts and about 5-6 gal/hr trolling, 4-8 kts.

        Hope this helps,

        2000 25CC
        7.4L Vovlo Gi Duo
        \"There are those who have, and there are those who will!\"