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    I was thinking of buying a fuel blatter was wondering if anyone has any input on them I am planning on buying a 80 to 100 gallon bag

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    I have a 50 gallon bladder from ATL and it works fine. I hook it up to a 12V transfer pump - and in less than 10 minutes it is transferred into the tank, rolled up, and stowed out of the way. I have a 12V outlet under the gunnel near the engine compartment switch, a stainless steel impeller grocoo pump I picked up off EBay and about 10' of fuel line.
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      Careful on the 100

      I had a 37 gallon Nauta which started leaking after 6 years. It was a hair too small as I only could get 33 gallons in it; not quite 2 hr's extra fuel.

      I replaced it with a 100 gallon ATL into which I have never put more than 50 gallons fuel.

      The Nauta was a lot smaller and had grommets in the corner to which you could attach 1/4 inch line to secure it with strain going to the reinforced corners of the bladder. The Nauta did not come with a quick disconnect valve and you had to cut your own fill and drain holes and then install a factory supplied fitting. Scary operation.

      The ATL comes with a facory installed fill and drain fitting; the drain fitting has a shut off valve. The down side of the ATL is that you secure it with a collar around the fill spout; which puts way to much strain on a weak area of the bladder and is eventually going to cause that spout to seprate from the bladder.

      The 100 gallon bag is too heavy for a 28 in my mind and sloshes too much when its only half full.

      If I had to do it over I'd get a 57 gallon Nauta....