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    Don't run me out of here but currently own a 280 Albe w/Volvo diesels that I was at the right place at the right time to steal while I was searching for a 25CC.I am building a garage and got to thinking one day I might want a trailerable boat that I can choose to keep in my slip or put it on the trailer to run to Carolina and not have the run down the coast.Can anyone give me a fairly accurate height of their 25CC a trailer from the ground to the skin of the hardtop?Please let me know the make and type trailer (roller or bunk).Would like inboard and i/o feedback if possible as leaning toward inboard diesel.Trying to determine how much extra to accomidate the boat inside the garage.

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    I sorta measured the height of my rig on the trailer once. If I recall correctly is was somewhere around 12' 6" to the top of the radome. I was standing on the gunwale with a tape measure, one end on the ground, the other trying to eyeball the height. That could be +/- 4" easily. I would think a 14' wall pole barn with sliding door would be a safe bet if you had radar.

    Edit: Trailer is Loadmaster (made in Port Clinton, OH) 2 axle bunk trailer. Boat is I/O.
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      My 25 is at 12'6" to the top of my Raytheon 24 mile dome. I store it in a 13' garage and have to put the light down to get it in there and the door HAS to be all the way up and out of the way and held there with a board so it doesnt retract at all. I have a Loadmaster steel trailer with bunks. The trailer is built so I can lower the drive all the way and not hit the ground. It clears by a couple inches in case its stuck down or I forget to raise it at the ramp. My trailer weighs 2,360# and with the boat on it with fuel I am at 12,000#. You will need a diesel truck to pull it.
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