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    New to me (1995) 28 CC, the problem I'm trying to work out is the fuel guages. Port saddle tank shows 1/8 and it's full. Stb tank shows full and I added 20 gallons. How do you check these and can you get to the saddle tanks sending unit?

    Next question - I would like to carry a complete set of hoses and belts for my 7.4 Volvos. Can these be purchased at a local Napa parts store or do they have to come from the Volvo dealer? Same for the Onan gen set.

    ONE WORD OF PRAISE FOR CUMMINS ATLANTIC ! I needed a water pump backing plate for my Onan generator and could not find it at the local dealers as they don't carry parts in stock. I was advised to contact Cummins Atlantic and the lady was very helpful, but she also had to order it from the factory. It was now 4:15 pm on Monday and the Holidays are coming. They have a program called "DOWN BOAT" and I had the parts in my hand by 9:20 the next morning (Tuesday). May cost a little more but you can get the parts. THANKS CUMMINS ATLANTIC!
    "Addison Leigh"
    1995 Carolina Classic 28'
    Wrightsville Beach, NC

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    Sending units and belts

    Sending units for saddle tanks- in my 28, I have access ports to either side of the tackle stations ( that will give you a view of the tank selector valve, with this access port open , you can get to the saddle tank sending units, will be a tight fit though.

    Belts- I jsut checked mine this past weekend, both of the alternator pumps were Good Year belts, so should be available at any parts store. The Water pump belts were Volvo, I will look into this as I am looking for spares and will let you know