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  • Leaky Windows

    Any one have a quick fix for leaky windows on a 28? Both of mine leak, with the one in the head being much worse that the one over the the galley.
    Capt. Walt
    2001 CC 28
    Volvo KAMD 300's

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    One thing that you can try is to open the window up and wipe down gasket to get all of the built up salt, dirt, etc. off (and the window edge too). If the gasket is dry and non-pliable but some rubber safe lubrciant on it. On the portal, the black cams that secure the window shut can be adjusted by turning the screw while holding the cam. Put a 1/8 - 1/4 turn on them and reclose and see if that cures your problem. Fight the urge to crank on the cam screws, b/c if you go to far you might crack the glass . .


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      Did have the same problem. Seals leaked, previous owner overtightened cams on side windows warping window flange. Have ordered new gasgets. Temp fix(2 years now) was to overlay existing gasget with a commercial grade foam with a tape backing. No leaks since.


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        may want to check the exterior caulk...that usually shrinks and allows water in there