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Trailering the 25cc true inboard

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  • Trailering the 25cc true inboard

    Been looking at the 25cc and was wondering if you can trailer the inboard that just came out a while back. Did not know if the shaft under the boat would get in the way. Any info would be great. thanks


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    Yes you can. I took a good look at one at the dealer that was sitting on a nice trailer. I have pics on my home computer I can dig up this weekend so you can see the set-up.


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      that would be great


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        My apologies but I combed through my computer and my wife's and I have no idea where the pics ended up. They were taken on her camera, and like some other "fishing stuff" of mine, I think they were strategically "moved" elsewhere.

        If they turn up I'll post 'em up for ya. But to your point, the rig is trailerable and there was good clearance between the prop and the road.



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          I hope it will be okay on the trailer as I just ordered mine. I will know in December as the boat is in production.


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            Inboard 25 C.c.

            We Have One Of The Very First 2006 25' C.c. Our Trailer Has Big Wood Beams,on The All Aluminum Trailer/ With Three Axels,with The 16" Wheels & The Biggest Michline Tires We Can Get !!!!

            We Pull The Prop When Towing , We Took The 2000 Out To Moorhead City N.c.& Traded Her In For The 2006 Inboard !!!!
            We Have The Yanmer 315 Diesel/ Love This Rig !!!!!
            We Just Got Back From Cabo ~pulled The Boat Down & Back/ But We Pulled The Rudder Off~~ Them Speed Bumps Are Way To High & Will Knock Off That Rudder!!!! You Can Raise The Boat Up 2" Or So & Should Be Just Fine///// But Pull That Prop !!!!!!!!!
            Do What We Did & Buy A Good Prop Puller./// Lap In The Prop / Safety Wire The Nuts,,, Carter Keys Are Bad News !!!!!

            Let Me Know How It Goes ~~ Norm
            25' C.C.~~YANMAR /INBOARD !!!!!