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  • Insurance Question

    I am about to pull the trigger on a 28 CC. My Marina requires a $500.000 liability policy on all boats docked at the marina.

    Presently I use my local insurance company on my 25 Grady White sailfish, but I was wondering about the policies from Boat US or others. On my airplane, I use a policy designed for aircraft by a national trade publication.

    There wil not be a loan, so it is not required by the bank.

    Any suggestions or recommendations.

    "Addison Leigh"
    1995 Carolina Classic 28'
    Wrightsville Beach, NC

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    Horace, As with the airplane, I would recomend an Ins Carrier that specializes in boats.

    I current use United Marine Underwriters which provides the proper coverage. They also recently gave me a discount for completion of the Capts course and proof of license.
    28 Carolina Classic
    OCFC, MD.


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      I use boat US

      for coverage on my 2004 CC28. Similar requirements at my Marina. My policy runs $1877/yr and it's about time to renew. I'm wondering how their rates compare with others?
      Steve on Reel Screamer
      2004 Carolina Classic 28


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        I have a 2004 28' insured by Travlers Insurance Company and the yearly policy price is $1500.00
        Capt. Bobby G.


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          I have a 2002 Twin Diesel 28 insured for 155k regardless of depreciation (in a case of total loss), with a 4% deductable that will only apply if I have a claim less than total loss.

          $930 per year. I use Bay Agency (Insurance Broker) in New Jersey. Brian DeSousa was the should be able to google "Bay Agency Insurance" . They placed the insurance with Zurich. If anyone can't find their number, let me know.

          I would expect that you could do even better with them if you have a captain's license.
          2002 28
          Volvo Kamd 44p's



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            I wonder about

            how much rates and discounts vary from state to state. I saw here that someone else received a discount on their insurance for having earned their license. I have also earned my license so I asked. But I had only a moment of excitement. The answer I received was "yes we do offer a discount if you have a skipper's license." I asked for details like "how much??". Then my questions were followed by, "Oh - but we cannot offer that discount in California." Bummer.

            I sure would prefer to be paying the rate Bullish is paying.
            Steve on Reel Screamer
            2004 Carolina Classic 28


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              2005 28CC.......$165K property damage. 500K liability. Uninsured boater 500K. Marina co-insured. Annual premium $1,131.

              Inamar/ Ace American Insurance Company


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                I think rates do vary quite a bit from state to state....part of my obligation is to only have the boat in water from April 1-Nov. 30.

                I assume that I would pay more for having it in the water year round. Although I would be happy to pay more if I could use the boat all year!!!
                2002 28
                Volvo Kamd 44p's