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Shark Hunters East vs West

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  • Shark Hunters East vs West

    What do you guys think about whats going on in the tournament.

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    Personally I think it is a joke just like most tournaments.That is why I never enter one. I have first hand info that if you are not a member of the so called "group" you will not win. One of these tournaments is the MakoMania out of pointpleasent. You will never catch me in that one.

    An old friend who passed away was in that one and had the winning fish. There was another boat on the way in who had a bigger one but ran out of fuel outside the inlet and did'nt make the weighin time. He overheard someone say that they will let him weigh the fish anyway because they were not going to let an outsider win the prize. He almost went to jail that night.

    I think they all cheat like that so I figure that I won't win anyway so why enter.
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      Olivia DISgrace

      is all I have to say. An absolute inbarassment to the charter/recreational fishermen in the metro area. You would think they would be a bit smarter in what they say/do with a camera rolling, but I guess they were to drunk to know the difference. I would think, and hope this bad publicity will have a negative impact on their charter business. Time to grow up guys!!

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