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Hi All,
I appreciate that a number of folks have asked about contributing to a forum fundraiser to defer the licensing and operating costs. I will be posting something in a month or two with options for contributing. I took care of all the initial costs of out pocket for now to ensure we are covered in the transition. More to follow in the New Year.
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Discharging holding tank

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  • Discharging holding tank

    On the CC28 how do you make sure the holding tank is empty for the winter?

    To start, I know you need to be offshore (6miles) prior to discharge. Do you simply hold down the "pump out" swirch in the head or do you have to open/switch any valves first?

    I noticed what looks like a 3 way valve inside the cabinet in the bathroom and was wondering if you have to do something with that prior to pumping out?


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    I'm not sure what the US regulations are as to how far offshore you must be before you can discharge the holding tank but to actually do it you set the 3 way valve to the holding tank position (from memory on Tigerlily you push the valve lever away from you) and just hold down the pump out button until no more waste comes out.
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