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  • CC28 Weight?

    I'm installing a lift and need to figure out the weight of a CC28 (potentially my next boat) so that I can get the right size. The Carolina Classic website doesn't quote weight that I could find. I know if varies with equipment but what would a CC28 with tower and diesels weigh approximately? Would a 16,000 lb lift do the job?


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    I believe it is 15000lbs wet plus whatever gear you will carry. I think a 16000lb lift would be cutting it to close.
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      Thanks, Tom!


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        CC28 Weight

        The Agitator 2003 CC28 has been on a 20000 lb lift since it was new. I highly recommend it for helping to manage cost of ownership. The difference in cost between a 15000 lb lift and a 20000 lb lift is minor. The boat has been pulled out once since Sept 2002 to replace a thruhull transducer. The lift does require some care, adjustment, and lubrication. My lift was installed in 1998 for a 26 Bertram and has been in continous service since new.

        Good luck.....agitator


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          I installed a 15,000 lb HD Magnum for my 25' CC. I figured 10,000 lbs. wet and wanted a lot of reserve.

          Reserve is important over the life of the lift. Get all Stainless steel rollers. That makes it the HD model in some lifts. No plastic or PVC rollers.

          Sounds like 20,000 lb. is what you need.

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            28 Weight

            In case anyone is still interested had my 2001 28 pulled the other day, the sling had a scale on it. I have 2001, Cummins 4BTA's, Tower, Genny, Full Fuel, Pompanette 80 lbs class Fighting Chair, Dual Tackle stations Full of tackle, Rescue Pod on Bow, and the usual saftey and fishing items, and the boat weighed 18,500 lbs. Well above the 15,000 lb spec. I assume many of the others are pretty close to this. Add 4, 200 lb guys, a couple hundered lbs of ice, and bait, your pushing 10 tons. No wonder it rides so good. In my opinion the little 250's don't do to bad of pushing this thing out of the hole.

            It was funny the sling operator looked at it and guessed 12000, he was suprised.


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              That's because the lift operator is not used to dealing with quality boats built like battlewagons....
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              2004 Boston Whaler Montauk, 90 hp Merc


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                Originally posted by CC28_NJ View Post
                ...Add 4, 200 lb guys...
                Some of my regular crew need to go on a diet.
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                  That's a heavy boat!


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                    I had a 1999 with a full tower, 300 yanmars, and stern drives. I installed a 16,000 pound lift made by dolphin lifts. I never had any problems lifting the boat; however, I have read a few postings on this site suggesting that some 28's weigh as much as 18,000. Maybe every boat is different, but I never had any problems for the three years I owned that boat. If money and space is not an issue, you may want to go with a 20,000 lift even though a 16,000 is likely sufficient.