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32 or 35, which would you choose?

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  • 32 or 35, which would you choose?

    Just looking for opinions on which boat you would choose & why. Gime me your input.


    "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32

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    I was wondering the samething! I spoke to a guy in cape may and he went from a 28 to 35 he told me that he should of kept the 28. The cost of running the boat is a big difference and that the fishing he does on his 35 could of been done on his 28. But of coarse that was just his opinion.


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      I have a 2005 32' and all I can tell you is that I chose the 32' over the 35' based on price and helm layout. I also had contact with Lou Codega the designer of the 32' hull. He has designed a lot of well known hulls including a number of the Cabo's and he helped me make my decision for the CC rather than a Cabo.



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        We get asked this question frequently by our customers and it is a hard one to nail down. I am in the process of selling my personal 28 and moving to a 32 or 35 so I have debated the same issue . . .

        In point of actual fact if there are days that our 28s cannot go out the 32s and 35s will probably be tied to the dock as well. Those that want bigger boats want more fishing space, cabin space more <you fill in the description> . . . People coming into the Carolina Classic line at the 32 or 35 from another brand may answer this a little differently, but . . .

        The 32 back deck is essentially the same size as the 35. Without digging out my spec book for exact figures, the back deck has an approx 4" narrower beam and essentially the same length. Since 95% of the people that buy CCs are offshore fishing the boat primarily (as it was designed to do), the business end of the machine is a bit of a toss up because they are virtually the same. The 32 gives up its length out of the helm deck and the walk space in the cabin.

        Visibility on the 32 while the boat is running is better than on the 35 for those that are vertically challenged. Occasionaly we hear gripes that the big CCs run too bow proud and it must be a design flaw -- which is, in my opinion, a garbage statement. With any express style boat, the longer that boat gets, the more bow out in front of you and the more difficult the sight line becomes. Anyone that has run a boat like a 50 Viking express model will know the extremes. Running w/o tabs lets the hull cut through the water the way it was designed to . . . Tabs while coming up on plane, running new channels fine by me, but otherwise . . . Of course Mac will customnize step height, and helm seat mounting height to fit a particular owner's needs and comfort level.

        The 35 does ride a little better than the 32 which is to be expected with its increased length and weight. The 35 will cruise a little faster than the 32 given the current power options. The 35 with QSC540s will give you roughly a .8 - 1 nmpg burn depending on how our run/load the boat. The 32 with QSB425s tends to hover a little closer to the 1 nmpg.

        For me I am currently at the 35 for a few reasons. I want the extra cabin space since during the off season, my wife 8 year old daughter and I will overnight on the boat some. I like the cruise speed of the 35 and prefer the helm deck layout of the 35.

        It is defintately a hard call, but there it is . . . Does that help . . . at all???