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  • Carolina Classic of NJ

    I am an owner of a 2000 25 Carolina Classic. I joined this site to share experiences of boating and fishing on my CC with everyone in the CC family. I recently noticed some postings that were directed towards Garry Garrison of CC of NJ. First I thought this site was to share our experiences
    in boating and fishing that would be helpful to everyone on the site. I have had a few issues with my CC from water ingestion to a few minor issues that have all been resolved. I would like to say that since day one (2/20/00) when I first met Garry Garrison to present I have been treated with respect and fairness. The issue's I had were handled by Garry and Mac in a professional manner. I am speaking from my dealings with Garry and do not want to get into a heated argument with anyone regarding Garry. When I needed info, equipment etc. Garry was there. When I do step up to a 28 (hopefully) I can assure you it will be with Garry. I have been a boat owner for 25 years and I must say Garry is a class act in my book. Again I am stating facts that I have had experienced with Garry over the last 4 years. I look forward to a very friendly and educational site.

    Calm Seas
    Wayne Hratko

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    CC of NJ

    I met him a few times at boat shows and my buddy did business with Gary on a used 25 diesel but I would never buy a boat from CC of NJ. He has a bad attitude that really turned me off. Seems like a guy that can't be trusted.

    Matthew Hamilton