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  • Trolling valve?

    I've got a 25CC w/Volvo diesel (straight inboard). Has anyone trolled for rockfish with a 25 I/B? Stock transmission has the boat running at about 3.5-4 kts in idle which I think is a bit high for stripper trolling. Thinking about a trolling valve. If so, does anyone know if it can be done and how for how much $$$



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    I have a jackshafted 25 diesel & I've never been on a straight inboard so I'll confine my comments on my practices on rockfishing with my setup. I troll around 2-5 knots, depending on current/wind/etc. with the throttle all the way back. Once my fishfinder reveals a patch of bait or the "baked potatoe" presence of rockfish, I go to neutral to allow my 4 & 6arm sassy shad dredges to flutter. Hook ups usually follow.



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      I currently have a 28 with 250 Cummins, and troll on one engine at a time - there are a few times if I'm running with the wind or tide, where I will have to take it in and out of gear to maintain 2.5 - 3 knots. The prior boat I had was a 26' Shamrock that I repowered with a Cummins 6 BTA. Initially I kept the Borg Warner transmission, but could never get it to idle slow enough. Since trolling valves were not available for Borg Warner's, I switched to a ZF transmission and installed a trolling valve. I did all of the work myself, and the valve cost about $950.00. Once installed, you could get the rpm's down to about 50 rpm - but they are very sensitive. Once you throw the trans out of gear and into neutral, you have to reset the trolling valve. The "trottle" I used was similar to an old manual choke - I had it installed on the dash - and you would simply pull it out to engage the valve. The farther you pulled the valve out - the lower the RPM's. You do have to make sure you never go over 1,000 RPM with the valve engaged, or you will burn up the transmission.
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        Thanks guys,

        My last boat was a 26 Albemarle w/ diesel jackshaft and idle forward gave me about 3-knots. The single, 18" wheel on my CC inboard drives the boat at least 1-2 knots faster. Blew all my money on a new boat, so another $1,000 or more for a trolling valve is out of the question for now. Anyway, I'll give Stuart's search and flutter technique a try this season. It sounds promising.