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Performance 28 CC w/7.4 Gas?

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  • Performance 28 CC w/7.4 Gas?

    Hello! Interested in a 28CC w/7.4's. Curious to know what to expect performance wise before the sea trail, and for any current owners what can I expect with regards to GPH with the the twins? The boat is a 95. Thanks in advance!

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    I owned a '94 28 for 6 summers & fished her off VA/NC from 1994 -1999. Jackshafted, gas just like yours I'd guess. Caught a lot of white marlins aboard her. At any rate, she'll cruise at 27-28 knots effortlessly & will burn around 35-40 GPH. Top end is over 30 knots but your fuel burn will go up quite a bit. From Rudee inlet to the triple zeros east of 100 fathoms, dead bait troll all day & return trips, I'd burn between 180-220 gallons of gas. Go with a diesel 28 if you can swing it financially.