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  • 1rst year review

    Bought a 28CC 2003 w/300 kamd diesels in the spring and took it offshore 12 times so far and logged 165 hours. I can say that I'm really pleased with the all around performance of the boat.The engines performed extremely well and they were very fuel efficient. For a canyon trip 72nm out and 72 back and 7 hours trolling I would burn between 133-145 gallons. I normally take 4-5 people including me and that is a comfortable number and cruise between 24-27 knots.The biggest seas I had were 3-4 quartering and I could only do 20 knots comfortably. I moved up from a 26 center console because I have a bad back and it was worth the move. I put on the autopilot and sit back and watch, what a difference from standing for 21/2 hours and holding on to the t-top and getting spray in your face. It's a heavy boat you feel like your on a bus. The layout of the boat is perfect and has a lot of room for a entry level sportsfisherman. It took alot of getting used too from a 26 center console to a 28CC,but now it's very easy and I would'nt go back for the bluewater fishing that I enjoy.
    28 Carolina Classic 2003 (sold)
    18 Cobia 2001

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    CC review

    Petty Cash,

    I own a 25' CC with the KAMD 300. I'm impressed with the boat and the engine.

    Just did my first maintenance: changed the anti-freeze (4.5 gallons), changed the oil (2.5 gallons) and changed the primary and secondary fuel filters. Total of 68 engine hours and no troubles with the exception of a slipping belt which I tightened.

    No regrets on this purchase. I also own a 17 Montauk Whaler for river running and it suits that purpose fine.

    2004 Carolina Classic, Volvo 300 KAD
    2004 Boston Whaler Montauk, 90 hp Merc