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  • 32 Diesel usage

    To any of the 32 owners. I have the Cummins 370's and usually cruise at 24 knots. I cant seem to get a handle on how much diesel I am burning. On our last trip to the Baltimore canyon (68 miles from our inlet) we seemed to burn up a lot of fuel. On our way back after fishing for about 6 hours we had emptied the main tank (at least the gauge was on empty) and I transfered about half of the side tanks to the main tank. When we filled up we took 215 gallons. Is it possible that I had another 135 gallons in reserve ?

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    Fuel Burn

    That seems to be in line with what I burn on the same trip to the Dip, approximately 66 miles. I have the 380 electronic cummins in my 32. I usually burn between 195-215 depending on how much trolling I do and how much I use the generator.


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      I burn 280 on a canyon trip. Thats 90 -100 nautical each way plus trolling and the genny running from the time I leave the dock to when I get back.
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