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CC28 260 vs 300 HP

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  • CC28 260 vs 300 HP

    Hi, I just sold my boat and am looking at moving up to a Carolina Classic 28. I was curious what the performance differences were between the boats with 260 vs. 300 Hp diesels?? What are the pros and cons of these engines?
    Thanks for the info..

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    05 28cc with tower genny and volvo 260 D4's. I would go for the D6 310's and take the power. Fully loaded I barely can hit 30 knots in the bay. I do not think that you can squeeze the genny in there comfortably with the D6 310's but I may be wrong. I think they are soon to come out with the D4 block and 310 Hp but am not sure when.
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      i think these hulls need power to run . i have 315 yanmars now and very happy..i had 250 cumm. and the boat just needed a little more kick...Charlie


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        I have 2002 KAMD 44's 260 horsepower with a tower and no genny. I had the option to buy a 2003 at the time with no tower, no genny , but with the KAMD 300's.

        I talked to Mac at the time with regards to the difference in performance he said that it should be about 3 knots. I agree with bite me. Take the extra power. They are heavy boats.
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          I get an honest 25 knots fully canyon loaded ( 3 people, equipment, 250 gallons of ice, full tank and 40 gallons in the bladder) running at 87 throttle - 3050 RPM. I burn 20 GPH at that setting and speed. Coming home I make 26 and change at the same setting.

          I hit 33+ knots at WOT/3600 RPM with a full fuel tank, 2 people on board (no ice or extra fuel).

          I can cruise at 27-28 knots at Volvo maximum cruise of 3150 RPM/90% throttle.

          There is a ton of room in front of the engines for maintenance; or a generator. I have the old style engine room where space and access are more of a premium.

          I disagree the boat needs HP to run; I agree it needs mid range torque to run.

          Whe I repowered I looked at the Yanmar 315's (285-300 HP depending on who you listen to), KAMD-300's ( 285 HP) D4-260's or D6-315's.

          From my perspective coming from Volvo KAMD42's D4-260's was the most HP I could get without completely refitting the boat for either Yanmar or D6's.

          If I were buying new I would go common rail and at least 300 HP; Yamar's are great but as I understand it they will not past Tier II emissions and will be replaced shortly by a new Yanmar variant. the Cummins 330B is another option; but as with the D6; size is an issue.

          Do not underestimate the requirement for a 200 pound mechanic to be able to service the front of the engines!

          Bottom line - there is no right answer - more power == greater fuel consumption and less access.


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            What is the fuel burn at cruise with the bigger engines?


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              engines on 28

              I have a 2005 28 with the twin Yanmar 315 setup. I cruise at 26 knots at 3100 rpm and top out at 34 knots. At cruising speed I have figured I burn 20 gallons an hour. I have been very happy with the engines.