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  • Cabin rod holders

    I'd like to add some more overhead rod storage to my 2000 28. Does anyone know who makes the overhead rod brackets or if I can buy them from Mac?
    Tigerlily - CC 28
    Algarve, Portugal

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    They are Lee's, at least that's who made the cabin rodholders on my 2 Classics. I placed one under each the port & starboard shelves over the bunks. They hold a standup or planer rod nicely. Be cautious mounting them on the cabin overhead down the center as your head will bump into them, unless everyone on your boat is under 5' 9" or so.



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      Ok, I spoke to Lees who do make the holders that are used for the rod tips but they don't know who makes the holders that let the rod butt sit inside the front bulkhead. Any ideas anyone?
      Tigerlily - CC 28
      Algarve, Portugal


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        another route

        One other possibility you might want to consider. If you want the additional rod storage inside the boat for times when you are not running and you would rather not drill holes and mount new hangers, you can get a total of about 8 or 9 rods hung up on the port side of the 28 by simply using cable ties or thin rope to secure additiional rods to the 3 hung by our original holders. The butts of the extra rods will rest on the 3 reels near your bow or on the fwd end of the shelf and the other ends of the rods can be simply fastened to the rod nearest your cabinetry. This keeps the extra rods inside the boat but out of your way while sleeping, etc.. This would not work if you want to run the boat with the extra rods hung up as they are not securely held. You really cant do the same thing on the stbd side because the forward wall of the head interferes. I get 12 rods in the cabin just fine.
        Steve on Reel Screamer
        2004 Carolina Classic 28