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black water smell from toilet.

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  • black water smell from toilet.

    on the several carolina classics i have been fishing on, i notice a strong blackwater/sewage type of smell present in the cabin of the boat in the 25's. we have cleaned the toilet, added holding tank treatments, and added small amounts of bleach in the water to try to eliminate the bacteria causing the smell. can't use too much bleach due to deteriorating the seals and stuff. does anyone have this same problem, as we do on our 25 or is this just an isolated case. any suggestions would be great.

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    Bad Smell

    I have the same problem on my 25. This past weekend I cleaned the entire cabin including under the seat storage areas with a Spray 9 solution. I also poured some in the toilet (that I never use) and in the drain holes in the storage compartments. Smell was still there yesterday. I’m going to take a good look at the anchor storage compartment this weekend; I suspect that may be the culprit.


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      Just wondering if it could be a vent issue?


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        If you also have a false floor in the cabin area - there could be some "sludge" beneath the false floor that is eminatating the smell. I had a volvo 41`P the dumped about 2 gallons of oil into the bilge, and a year later - I'm still trying to get it out of the "bottom" bilge in the cabin area. I have put gallons of simple green down there and cleaned every visible portion - but there are areas that seem to hold the oil residue and continue to give off a smell in the cabin area.
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          I have dumped a quart of holding tank enzyme in the front bilge pump hole to clean the sub floor and filled it with water until it was running out into the engine compartment holkes to the sub floor (trailer jack was lowered so that the false floor under the front could fill up. I emptied it a day later and the smell is still there.

          I did notice that the hoses on the toilet have been leaking but it appears that it was just the one that furnish flush water to the toilet so I don't know if any other hose has allowed sewage to leak into the sub floor area.

          The bilge has been cleaned pretty thorough with a strong cleaner but that hasn't helped either. The clue to the smell seems to be to get the area under the sub floor cleaned out. I think that only extends from the engine compartment to the cabin area if I'm correct???

          I guess the next step is to put some bleach in water and flood the area with the bilge pump removed to protect any seals in it.
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            Same problem on our 28. We have put all kinds of treatments in the head and dumped bilge cleaner in the step down area where the shower drain pump is located but still have some odor. Really gets worse after the boat has been closed up in the heat for a few days.


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              I Had The Same Smell But It Is Not The Head It Is The Ac Drain If You Run Your Ac Or Dehumidfier And It Does Not Drain Well The Boat Will Smell Like Rotten Eggs Check It Out I Cleaned It Out And Filled A Soda Bottel With Bleach And Filled The Pan Did This A Few Times And So Far So Good If You Think It Is The Head Fill The Bowl With Fresh Water From Sink But I Bet You It Is Your Ac Unit

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                That may be true on the 28 but the 25 doesn't have a/c
                Advance, NC


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                  Black water smell

                  I was able to clean out the anchor locker on Sun. after Ernesto Left our area. I don’t get to anchor that often which is why I found the locker, rode, and chain covered in mold and mildew. The back of the cabin speakers come out in the anchor locker that was allowing the smell to get in. Shame on me, it took me 2 years to figure this out. I will now have a windless installed so that I don’t have to do my high wire act to get out to the bow. All this being said I still love my Carolina 25.


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                    Does anyone have the problem of the toilet bowl being filled to the rim everytime I swing it out, on CC25???
                    The water level is too high, I can't seem to get it to a normal level, when I flush it whirlpools but the water volume stays the same, goes down a little, but by the next time I swing it out, it sloshes all over. Really makes for a stinkin' cuddy!
                    I was thinking of partially closing the seacock to limit the flow of water, any OTHER ideas?????



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                      smell etc

                      My bowl does not fill enough! We use it infrequently, however make a habit of putting a fresh water hose in and filling and flushing it (when on trailer). Did have a smell when I left without flushing it for like 3 months...


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                        I have the same problem. I was told that the check valve to the water pick up may be leaking, hard to reach and costly to fix. I've closed the sea cock. I use a bucket of fresh water to flush, (three times a year, that's not to much trouble for me).


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                          Thanks Hot Rod,
                          Since I have all girls on board when Im not fishing, I think Im gonna have to get it fixed! Now I have a place to start. Thanks again



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                            we found out today what was causing the smell, the waste water diverter valve was cracked on the backside of it, new one on order as we speak.


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                              Gofsh (my son) also forgot to mention that in addition to the cracked diverter valve (the one the changes to dump thru the hull or dump to the tank) I'm changing all the sanitation lines out except the one that goes to the thru hull fittins as I can't get to it. The tank is stuck to the floor as the resin they painted the surrounding box with seems to have stuck to the tank also. I did fill the tank with water with red dye in it to see if I had any leaks there and I didn't.

                              I'm using a sanitation barrier type hose I ordered from West Marine that suposedly won't let odors penetrate thru them. I noticed that all the hoses had a odor on the outside of them. I believe they are standard PVC hoses and won't prevent the penetration of odors. It's been a project as they are stiffer than the originals. I don't know if that's the solution but it can't hurt.

                              I still have the odor but it's slowly improving with mutiple flushings of the system and bilge.
                              Advance, NC