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KAD 300 Electronic Shifter Problem

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  • KAD 300 Electronic Shifter Problem

    Boat will not shift out of foward. It seems to be in the sensor on the shift control, electronic, not mechanical. Anyone else have this problem and what was the fix. Thanks, Vaquero

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    Have you tried cleaning the plug into the shift control with electronic cleaner?

    I had a Volvo electronic shift/throttle control that was doing its own thing adding and reducing power in cruise (sudden rpm increase to WOT, followed by a decrease to below the initial cruise setting, 3300 RPM, KAMD 44P).

    I removed the plug at the bottom of the electronic shifter, cleaned it with contact cleaner from radio shack...and never had the problem again.

    Hope its that easy for you too.



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      Shifter Fix

      We didn't have any cleaner, but think the problem is in the sensor, plugs seems clean. We put a tester on the shifter and it shows a closed circuit in forward and also in neutral. Brought the shifter home from Mexico to have a new sender put on and tester. The problem doesn't seem to be mechanical, Mac said take the cover off the out drive, unhook the shift cable and turn the shift arm on the outdrive it's self. Shifts fine. Thanks Vaquero