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    I contemplating posting this but no one has to view if they don't want to. As many in the sportfishing community in the northeast have already heard, a 60 ft. sportfisher went down while fishing a White Marlin tournament about one week ago. The boat struck something submerged about 15-20 miles offshore. Other boats fishing in the tournament arrived in minutes and got the crew off safely. I understand that the boat has since been towed back to port and she is being salvaged. No word on what they hit but thankfully everyone got home safe. Attached is a link to the coast guard video.

    If nothing else, these events help us remember to be prepared at all times for the worst. I might be done running my boat at night. I see debris in the water too often during the day.
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    Scary. I wonder how fast they were running at the time of the collision. I like to believe that running slow in the dark limits the amount of damage that striking debris might cause. I stay off plane until gray light. The only alternative is to depart the day before we plan to fish and spend the night drifting - which has its own issues.
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