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I appreciate that a number of folks have asked about contributing to a forum fundraiser to defer the licensing and operating costs. I will be posting something in a month or two with options for contributing. I took care of all the initial costs of out pocket for now to ensure we are covered in the transition. More to follow in the New Year.
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  • Travel South

    I'm planning a trip south from Cape May, NJ to Pirates Cove within the next few weeks and I would appreciate any info on the area. I have heard that I should hail or following a a charter boat through the Oregon Inlet. I believe the trip is about 200 miles and I will more than likely stop at Rudee Inlet for fuel. Other than that stop I plan to run non stop. I am hoping that teh weather permits me to run outside but you know it is hurricane season.
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    Oregon Inlet

    It has been a few years but I remember once you come through the inlet you have to go through a narrow winding channel through the marsh to get to the main river that leads to pirates cove. It is a good idea to follow a charter boat in for that reason. Also, all of the water for miles each way of the inlet comes in and out of that narrow gap so it can get rough depending on the tides and wind direction etc. so it may be best to go through at slack tide.
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      They are underfunded for dredging the inlet so it has not received as much attention as one would hope, given the large amount of traffic in and out of the inlet. So, it is shallow and you can get into trouble if you stray out of the channel, which is constantly shifting. For that reason, following a charter in so you can lay a GPS track for the first time through is a good idea. Those guys will be coming back through the inlet between 4 and 5PM, depending on what type of success they had.

      You make an immediate right (N) after coming under the bridge and then the channel bends around to your left (W). There is another hard right, followed by a hard left (at which point going straight would take you right into Oregon Inlet Fishing Center). After making that left (NNW) it's a fairly straight 10 mile run up to PC.

      If you're docking in the marina area or are renting at Buccaneer Village you should be able to pull right into one of the canals to the left after crossing under the 158 bridge, but if your rental is in one of the other units you may or may not have to run up to the north end of the resort and come back in the channel behind all the Ballast Point houses, depending on the height of your boat/tower. They can explain all that to you though at the rental office.

      Generally speaking, boats run to the point, and you should be able to follow them out in the AM to make things easy.

      Have fun!


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        Travel South

        Thanks for the information. Any idea how far Edenton is from Oregon Inlet?
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          Oregen Inlet

          Oregan Inlet is no place to play around with. I would strongly recommend that you wait at the sea buoy and follow one of the home boys in. There is two ways in and most likely all the boats will be going through what we call the crack wich makes things more confusing. This is my back yard and it gets tricky to me sometimes because of how much it changes from day to day so please be careful. If you want more detailed info or need help when you get hear please give me a call any time.

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            Just about 60 nautical to Carolina Classic give or take.
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