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my 28 with 454 mercs

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  • my 28 with 454 mercs

    hi is there anyone that has a 28 cc with straight 454 merc inboards maybe its me but i never here of anyone that has mercs

    thanks jim (jjjscooo)

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    We do. 1995 454 Merc straight inboards. Just finished a complete rebuild.


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      hi i think cc with merc's in them are very rare i love mine no troubles . how many hours on yours before rebuild? what was the cause of you rebuilding them.
      thanks jjjscooo (jim)


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        1000 hrs. Stb blown head gasket and port leaky one. We bought the boat 2 years ago and don't think the previous owner was big on preventative maintenance. We actually just got our motors back in last Friday. The guy we contracted to do the rebuild pulled them on March 8 and guaranteed 6-8 weeks. Well, after being yanked around and lied to for 4 months we picked them up and had our marina install them. They did a great job and after about 12 hours are really running well. We redid the bottom over the off season also and between that and the rebuild we appear to be getting about 15-20% better economy and 2-3 knots on the cruise. Shoot me an email I'ld be interested in trading some performane info. What year is your 28 and are they straight inboards? Chuck