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    I'm in the process of repowering a CC25 that had the engine removed. The engine was removed for rebuilding but the boat was traded in on another boat without the engine. Some of the battery wiring was removed and I'm trying to figure out how the batteries were hooked up. I'm wondering if the ground side of both batteries were hooked to the engine and also to the house (non engine) power ground buss. I see two large nuts on either end of the ground buss located on the bulkhead behind the engine location. Both are loose so I'm wondering about the wiring configuration for connecting the ground there to connect to the battery.

    I'm able to figure out the engine starter power circuit ok. I obtained a copy of the owners manual from Mac last week during a visit. The wiring diagram shows a neutral isolate switch which I can't figure out where it is or is that a later mod since mine was built in 96. Also what's the purpose of it?

    I have two other small wires that I need to figure out that go thru the bulkhead along with the engine wiring harness but separate from it. I'll post that question later.

    My visit with Mac was superb. He supplied me with parts that were removed with the engine that were needed to connect the jack shaft as well as ordering a new 8.1l Crusader engine for me. It's great to receive support from a manufacturer for a used boat that will probably never generate any more profit for the builder.

    Now I need to sell my 25' Donzi walkaround to get back to normal and finish up the CC.
    Advance, NC