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  • Stern Drive Trim

    Well its been a couple months since I've had the CC25 and i've worked through all the used-boat bugs and everthing seems to be working very well.

    But I have a question about trim. There doesn't seem to be a fine trim adjustment on mine. For example on outboards there is usually two trim speeds, one for lifting the motor for trailering and the other to adjust trim while under way.

    So, does anyone adjust the trim on the CC25 or do you keep it all the way down and use the trim tabs?


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    drive tilt

    I tend to keep mine all the way down as I've seen little difference in my rpm when I've experimented with it while under way. The tabs make quite a bit of difference though.

    I tend not to use my tabs much as I can't tell what position they are in and forget to raise them back up when I put the boat back in the lift.

    On the other hand, my smaller 17' Whaler with no tabs responds quickly to the tilting of the outboard while under way.

    Interesting.... The heavy weight of the Carolina probably has a lot to do with how it responds to drive tilt.
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      I also noticed that the boat is very responsive to trim tab adjustment.

      I will have to wait for another calm day to try the trim on the outdrive.

      If anyone else has any experience with this I would like to hear it.



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        I had a 25CC jackshaft gas and used the trim as soon as I got on plane I eased it up alittle and saw the rpms pick up then use the tabs to push the bow down if it got snotty or in a good head sea.
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          outdrive trim

          I always tuck the drive in to get up on plane.. and trim tabs. Then I raise the drive for the count of 3 (seconds?) That seems the right amount of time. Then just use the tabs. Tabs work great on this hull.


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            I have a '95 CC25 w/Vp 7.4 to a 290 DP turning the B wheels. I knowbig wheels, but better cruise, and lower to p end. I trim mine all the way down and up just a smidge to get out of the hole. A lot less vibration this way. I also out the tabs diwb all the way to get out, if possible. I try really hard to optimize my drive anhle with regard to the water's surface for most efficiency, and use the tabs to adjust ride and steerage depending upon sea state and direction. i.e. not bow down in a following sea, as it is wet and more importantly hard on the drive and autopilot. I will also lay the boat over on the leeward side to make the ride drier if necessary.


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              You'll find there is only one trim speed on your drive. Trim all the way in, get on plane, then if anything, just a touch of up trim when you at cruise. This hull almost doesn't need the tabs in my opinion. I almost never use them.


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                I get on plane with the outdrive tucked in. Once up, if I'm going any appreciable distance, I raise the drive for about a 2 or 3 count. I apply the tabs whenever I'm heading into the weather on plane. Raise the tabs all the way going downwind.
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