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Looking to Move up to a 35'

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  • Looking to Move up to a 35'

    I have seen 35's with 450s , 480s and Volvos.
    I think I would prefer the 480s, but was looking for input on what everyone thinks. Also anything else I should look for or at.

    1997 CC28


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    the 35s are great looking boats. I had a thread about them last year with some owner reports. not sure if this thread survived the Turkish internet terrorists attack of this site. I also hope to get a 32 or 35 in the next couple years when I also hope to have more time to use one.


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      I looked at a 35 over the weekend. very nice boat indeed. one thing I could not find was dedicated rod storage. do they all just go in the cabin? the cabo 32 has a nice setup for this I think, you slide the rods in under the port seating from the cockpit. the cabinet is lockable of course.


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        I am into my 4th season with a 35. It is a 1999 with 450 Cummins. The 480's are the electronic version of the 450's and are in the newer 35's. I have had no problems with the 450's and have about 1200 hours on the engines. The boat is an incredible sea boat. I bought it to run to the canyons out of Montauk, and it has made many successful trips. Top end is 30k. The boat will cruise at 22 to 25k with reasonable fuel efficiency, and will do so in some surpisingly big water. The rod storage was the first problem I tackled (no pun intended). I put three 2-speed 50's in the head, mounted on the aft bulkhead, standing upright, using the kind that grab the ears on the reel with a retainer for the rod tips, leaving lots of room in the head. Two rods are stored (hung) under the recess behind the sofa/bunk, a 50 outboard and a 30 inboard using the same mounts. I installed overhead rod holders under the hard top and keep 2 30's out there with my inshore rods. I bring the bent butt 80 from home when I want to bring that offshore.
        I've had some minor problems with the boat, most as a result of wear & tear or corrosion. Probably the best asset the boat has is its manufacturer. Mac, Keith, et al are extremely helpful when you need help in resolving a problem - even with a boat that is seven years old. I would not want to trade the superior ride of a CC35 for that of a 32 or 35 Cabo. I've been on all of them, most recently brought a 34 Pursuit up from FL with a friend who bought it there, that boat has incredible rod storage and is terrible in any sea over about 1 foot - a regular potato chip on the ocean.
        Good luck in your search. These are great boats.


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          thanks Pancho that is the kind of info I and I think others who are looking to move up are anxious to hear. I have little experience with the other boats and am glad to hear what I thought was true, the classics are great sea boats.