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  • in hull transducer

    I have a friend who ordered a contender and sent a 1KW transducer to the factory so they could incorporate this in his hull when they made it. is this something I could do if I ordered a new CC?

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    I did it with my 2005 32'. Just talk to your dealer or call the factory.



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      thanks blue moon. what kind of transducer did you have installed?


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        Mac will not install a transducer recessed into the hull. Believe me, I tried. He will not cut a hole that large into a perfectly good hull so I did it myself. I did discuss the best location with him. He will install a through hull in the back between the props but that is not the best location for it. Your dealer should be able to get someone to do it for you but it can be expensive and labor intensive.

        I posted pictures of my install to give you an idea of the work involved.
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          [QUOTE=Split Decision]Mac will not install a transducer recessed into the hull. QUOTE]

          What does Mac recommend? I have a transom mount transducer but I was considering a recessed transducer when Tigerlily was next lifted out of the water. Will a through hull work acceptably on such a thick hull?
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            There is a lot to be said

            For old school conservatism in boat building. MY 9 year old transom mounted airmar transducer still shows bottom at 25 knots and will show mega bait balls at that speed.

            Not as good a picture as a 1K dome, but I like less holes in my hull