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  • CC28 with Volvos

    I'm looking at one of these (used) for a possible purchase and was hoping to compare some notes with any owners.The boat is a 28,no tower, Volvo power, jackshaft drive.Is there any history on these engines or drive system that I need to be aware of prior to purchase.This boat is completely new to me and I hate going into something like this not being educated on theproduct enough to ask about certain details that could become a major issue(expense) after purchase.Also, does Carolina Classic work with owners that bought theirboat used?

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    I forgot to ask about the milage also.This boat has around 900 hours on it.I'm hoping that is just being broken in for thses diesels.


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      Mac and his sons Wade and Kieth will treat you as if you just took delivery of a new boat regardless of how old it is. You will not get that kind of service from any other production boat builder. Most of the time you will be able to get one of them on the phone at the time you call. If they are not available, you usually get a call back within 24 hrs.

      You need to specify which engines they are. There are a few members that had volvos and repowered because they had a lot of hrs on them, not because they were bad. Backman is one of them. I think he had something like 3000 hrs on his. Capt B is another so they will chime in.

      Personally I do not like outdrives. They require a lot more maintenence. They do give you the ability to go through skinny water if you need to and you do get more speed at cruise.

      I saw that you were asking about Albemarle also. They are a good boat to but compaired to a CC of the same length, the CC is a lot bigger because of the beam. They will both ride about the same in the snot.
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        I have to agree with Split Decision's remarks about the level of responsiveness that you will receive from the factory. When I purchased my 2002 volvo diesel 28 (although new), I called to ask a couple of questions regarding the performance differences of the KAMD 44's and the (at the time) new model KAMD 300's. Mac (The Head Boss) returned my call promptly and answered all of my questions. I have since called back with other questions (some trivial I'm sure) but they have always showed patience with me.

        At the time, I was also trying to decide between the Albemarle 28 and happy I chose the Carolina based on the bigger beam and thus all the advantages that offers with a few guys in the cockpit at the same time. My only advice is to make sure you get enough hp since these are heavy boats. My boat has the 260hp volvos and she doesn't jump up on plane real quick with 4 guys and all the gear, bait and ice for an overnight trip...but I also have the tower which adds some weight and resistance. Good luck with your purchase.
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          Thanks for the replys.It really makes a difference to know that the service and knowledge of Mac & his sons are just a phone call away.What kind of milage and speed could I expect with this setup.


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            Regarding power, you did not mention how many horses are in those volvos. Mine are KAMD44 (260 hp each) and with full fuel, bait, ice, and tower, I cruise at 24 knots when running at 3150 rpms. She tops out at 3800 rpms which produces about 29-31 knots. Like I said earlier, I would prefer to have the KAMD 300's (290 hp each) to get me up on plane a little easier and add the extra 3 knots.
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              I had KAMD 42's/230 HP

              and put 2100 hours on them before repowering. The engines were due for a top end rebuild in another year which is why I repowered.

              I now have the D4-260's which is plenty of HP for the boat. The 230's were a bit low; especially when the boat was loaded.

              The KAMD-4x series has a number of "weaknesses" around the edges but the mechanical core is rock solid. Those "weaknesses" included

              1. turbo gasket lleaks (which may have been addressed by the time the 44 came out)
              2. raw water pump seals which seemed to fail every 1000 hours
              3. Compressor - belt/clutch/tensioner - this too was redesigned with a new tensioner; again, possibly by the time the 44 came out.

              I ran my 42's at 3300 to get more oomph out of them.


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                I bought a 98 28' CC with a pair of 41P Volvos (200 hp - straight inboards). The engines only had a few hundred hours on them - but I had nothing but problems with them - and wait until you see the volvo prices for parts. Volvo seems to utilize o rings wherever two different types of metal seem to connect (a steel block and an aluminum manifold or thermostat housing, etc - and my experience was that they always leaked. I did a lot of work on both engines before I finally threw in the towel and bought a pair of very slightly used Cummins 4 BTA's (250 hp). Having a lot of experience with my old 26' Shamrock that I repowered with a Cummins 6 BT (210 hp) and put on over 2,000 hrs and never a problem - I couldn't be happier. I can now reach the generator and through hulls in the front of the engine - have a bit more power, and can tolerate the cost of parts - should anything fail.
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                  I have a pair of KAMD300's in my 04 28. I have about 320 hrs on them so far. I have plenty of power and the engines have been fine so far with two exceptions.

                  1. They arrived to me new with some sort of fine metallic (magnetic) silt in the coolant. Both engines. That was remedied with a warranty covered coolant flush. Cost me a day of hassle but no $.

                  2. At about 280 hrs I noticed a very small coolant leak on the port engine. Turned out to be a gasket at the exhaust manifold. That cost me $2k to have repaired - nearly all labor.

                  As for performance:

                  She will do about 30 knots WOT - but who ever runs that way.
                  I run on calm days at about 26 - 28 knots. Mileage seems to average, on 100 - 160 mile round trip tuna runs, just over 1 MPG (1.2 maybe).

                  Mac would tell you the most important thing wrt your engine choice is whether or not you have good service in your area. He is absolutely right. It's taken me 2.5 yrs to find a Volvo mechanic I like and trust.
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