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    Recently ran my 28 from NC to Bahamas. Had much problem with fuel quality purchased along the way. Apparently, many marinas filter diesel with 30 micron filters. The new common rail engines use 10 micron, so I am getting stopped up with the black bio that is passing through the marina's filters. I have the algeaX conditioners installed in front of my 10 micron, but did not really help, this was a fairly significant problem. Anyone had similar experience? Any suggestions? I have been using the biobore but it is too early to tell whether or not it has helped...
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    Drain every 25 hours

    I find that its worth the hour of time to religiously drain my Separ filters every 25 hours, using the backflush technique to get the crud out at the same time.

    I find a lot of the black goo when I go more than 50 hours without the backflush and have had them almost solid the one time I went 100 hours without draining.

    I don't have AlgaeX so try and keep on top of the filters as preventative maintenance.


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      Hey Backman, what is the Backflush Technique?


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        Here is a link that explains the process. You can only do this on the separs.

        Fuel water separators for diesel engines and generators in the marine, construction, mining, agriculture, and power generation industries.
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          have had the same problems- fuel is problematic everywhere in the bahamas. I also drain and change out the filters every couple of tanks in the bahamas. The boat is in Marsh Harbour, Abaco right now and I have had no problems with the fuel there-Boat Harbour is one of the newer and better marinas. I am going to bring it back this weekend and will have to fuel at Chubb Cay, will let you know how it goes but I plan to change out the filters every other tank anyway to prevent any other problem.


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            I too have a 28cc in hawaii and have had 6 months of problems. The water is so rough here that the tank vent is continually under water and these new commom rail engines suck like heck. I had enless water and debris until I vented the tank vent hose inside with a 3 way stop cock. After polishing ad nauseum I now have a presitine system. I filter all my fuel before it goes into the tank with a 10 micron prefilter. My suggestion to you if going abroad and not knowing about the fuel would be to set yourself up an accessory fuel pump and separ/raycor and filter your fuel for a couple of hours after you fill or use a 55 gallon drum and filter directly from there into the tank. Either way you have to bring it with you and on a 28 that may be tough. You can rig a pump to your fuel line and run it through a bigger separ and attach the entire set up to a 12 or 110 v system and assemble it to star board and stow it in the engine room.
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