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Roll Factor on a CC28

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  • Roll Factor on a CC28

    How much different is the roll on a CC28 with tower versus no tower.Also what kinda mileage are you seeing on a CC28 w/ deisels.I run a 246 Shamrock but will be moving into something new next year.The CC28 has had my eye for a while now but I have never had the chance to fish on one.I fish out of NC and I usually run 56 miles oneway troll and 56 back.

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    No issues trolling or running

    she's fine under way. At rest in a tight chop or breaking wave set; no fun - but as long as your moving you won't notice it any worse than any other deep V boat.


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      If you want the tower, Don't let the roll stop you. I don't think there is enough difference to worry about. If you do not need it then don't get it.

      They do roll alot on the drift but there are ways to deal with that. My 32 is only a little better than the 28. It is down right nasty over 4'. This year we are going to try a 6' drift sock to turn the boat slightly while sharking.

      Like Backman said, they are no different than any other boat while trolling but you can't beat the ride in the slop. Just try one and you will be hooked.
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        I agree with the two posts above and can further offer that I added a tower to my CC28 about a year after I bought her. I probably lost a knot or two on speed but I did not notice a difference with respect to roll. No problems with roll while running or trolling but while at drift we do pay attention to swells so they don't catch us off guard. On tuna trips I spend most of the day up in the tower and I am very happy I added it.
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          I Also Would Agree My 28 With The Tower Doe's Roll I Found With A Bucket Or Two You Can Take The Snap Out Of The Roll It Helps When Drifting. Running Not A Problem
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            Shark Hunter - how do you use the buckets?


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              I tie one pail off my spring line cleat and one off the back cleat with a 6" rope
              GO DEEP!!!!! TAKE A KID FISHING......


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                or you can use a drift sock
                GO DEEP!!!!! TAKE A KID FISHING......


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                  It seems as long as you keep the bow in the waves/swells the roll is not a factor.Most of my drifting is just to line up a drift before dropping anchor.


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                    drift roll

                    Spent the weekend drifting in a fluke tourney in horrible conditions. Under normal circumstances we would have stayed home. But after 8 hours of drifting in 20 to 25kts, I found my 28 sat rather well. We but a drift sock about 36" diameter of starboard spring cleat and turned the rudders hard to the right and it was better then expected. Honestly I could be crazy but I think we sat better on the starboard side but who knows.