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2007 w/Yanmar diesel?

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  • 2007 w/Yanmar diesel?

    Can anyone give me the real deal on the 2007 25ft being available with a Yanmar diesel and a straight shaft inboard? I have a beautiful 2003 CC25 with a jackshaft KAMD300 with a little over 1000 hours. This is a fishing machine from day one and Mac is always there for answers and help but maintenance on the Volvo is a problem for me in Panama City FL. I don't even want to entertain the idea of any other manufacturer than Carolina Classic.
    I'd like to give the Yanmar a try if it's going to be offered. Anyone have information and/or pictures? I posted a picture of my boat on an earlier post if anyone is interested.

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    You Will BE So Happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We Had The Very First 300 Yanmar That Mac Put In The 25' C.c.this Was A 2000 C.c.that We Bought In Fl, We Loved The Yanmar So Well That We Asked Mac To Build A 2006 25' Inboard For Us !!!!!we Worked Up A Deal With Towencreek For The New C.C. As Mac Sells The Boats Thru His Dealers !!!! We Got A Good Deal & Had The Rigging Done At Towencreek/ But There Rigging Is A Little On The SloPpy Side & They Just Put The Parts Where They Want , Not Where We Need Them!! I Think If You Were Jusy Buying A New Boat ,you Would Not Know Any Better.. We Had To Fight To Get Our Rigging Done Like We Needed For Our Kind Of Fishing Here In Baja ....we Towed Our 2000 25' To North Carolina , Made The Trade & Ran The New Boat For 50+ Hours Before We Can Back To Ca....wanted To Make Sure All Was Well + We Had The Pleasure OF Meeting Mac & All His Family!! They Are All FIRST Rate & We Love Them...if We Need AnY Help, Just Give Them A Call.......The Inboard Is The Way To Go, This Set Up Just Charges Up So Fast You Would Not BeliEve It.....we Have A Nice Ibeam Trailer With Big Bunks So We Call Haul Any Place We Need To Go!!!!!!we Looked At Every Kind Of Engine That Was Made & Mac Help To/ But The Yanmar Was The Top Engine That We Could Find.....I Do Not Like The Idea Of A Four Banger With A Blower & Turbo Huffing Trying To MakE 300 Hp, It Work For A While & Later ?????????if You Have Mac Build A Boat For You, Make SurE That You Get The New Livorsi Gauges, We Are Changing Ours To The Livorsi & I Sent Mac The Info...the Outfitt That Was Making The Gagues In Gone Now & Mac Used The Vodo Gagues ,, But They Are To Small & Not To Good !!

    If You Need AnY Info I Can Help + We Worked With Mac For A Few Months Getting Our C.C. BuIlt !!!!!!!!
    25' C.C.~~YANMAR /INBOARD !!!!!