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Looking to repower my 1996 25CC need numbers

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  • Looking to repower my 1996 25CC need numbers

    I have 1000 hours on my 1996 25CC with the volvo 454. I would like to repower soon and looking for some recomindations. I would love to put the Yanmar in her but don't want to spend that kind of $$$. Looking at the Crusader 8.1 375 hp or the 425 hp. Any one running this setup? Would like to see the performance and fuel burns. My 454 burns 18 GPH at cruise. Any input would be great.

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    Yanmar !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Look For A Rebulit Yanmar, Hard To Find ,but Worth The Price..!!!!
    25' C.C.~~YANMAR /INBOARD !!!!!


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      My Numbers

      I repowered by with a 425 HP Volvo GXI its the HO for their 8.1 it will fly but not past the gas pump. Basically 18 GPH but cruising a comfortable 26 knots. I have a flow scan which is painful to look at. I run at about 28knots coming home and burn 20 GPH push it to the pins and we hit 40 knots and peg the flow scan. I burn abot 120-130 gallons on all day trip out of Va Beach. 3:00am out 75 miles troll till 3:00pm and head back in. I fish my partners 28 Diesel and we burn about the same but its cheaper with the diesel it kills me such a bigger boat is cheaper to fish offshore.
      Hope this helps.
      I know the new diesel gets 3mpg at 24 knots. We ordered a 2007 25 diesel for our intial order we just picked up the Carolina Classic boat line in the area. If it doesn't sell quick I'll be tempted.


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        Thanks scott. Would like to find a rebuilt or used Yanmar. I'll keep my options open.


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          Here is a link but not sure if still available.

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