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    Mac just bought a new 05 28 from town creek, have to ship it to hawaii. Am very concerned about the transport. Was told that shrink wrap or any cover is not needed or available am very concerned about damaging things during the winter months transporting across entire US. Any uggestions? Also wanted to install thru hull lights for night fishing, terry was not sure about that and was going to ask you but has not given me any info. AS in how many, which are the best ...Thanks look forward to providing exposure to your line of craft here in the hawaiin islands. Rob C

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    28 for Hawii

    Not sure I can advise you on the lights. We don't night fish around here much at all so I really can't tell you too much about the lights. I would suggest you throw the question out here and see if you get the answer you need. We did install one set on a 35 and they seemed to do a good job but I can't tell you who made them or the model number because they were supplied by the customer.

    As for the shrink wrap, that really is a matter of preference. If you take the cushions off there really is not too much for the weather to hurt. If you wanted it, the boat can certainly be wrapped. We have wrapped before but we ship from the east coast and the boats sit on the docks sometimes for a week or so. I suspect the challange is going to be to shrinkwrap so it is still on the boat 3000 miles later.

    Good fishing to you and keep in touch. Send us some pictures.