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Volvo vs Cummins?

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  • Volvo vs Cummins?

    Looking for what people think of the Cummins vs Volvos for a 28' CC

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    There is a thread under "Mechanical" titled 4 BTA's - where you can look at some feedback. I recently repowered a 28 - took out the 41P's and replaced them with 4 BTA's. I am very pleased with the performance and would never put a Volvo engine in again. Doing virtually all of my own maitenance - the 4 BT's are one of the simpliest engines to work on, parts are readily available, but they are noisy. The volvo's are much quieter, the 41P's were not enough power in my opinion for the 28 and their parts are unbelivably expensive.
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      I have just discovered this site and think it's great. I have a 2003 CC28 w/4BTA250's. I have logged 550+ relatively trouble free hours since new in Sept 2002 through Sept 2005. I have performed all of the engine maintenance until I had a 600 hr service and inspection visit to Marine Propulsion in Rockville,SC. The engines are simple to care for, somewhat noisy, fuel efficient, and fast enough for a CC28 without a tower or generator. I cannot comment on the tower and gen boats, but believe that the extra weight and drag would need more HP. The Agitator tops out at 31 kts @ 3000 rpm with full fuel and 2 aboard. It will cruise at 25-27 kts @ 2600 rpm loaded for a 12 hr trip. With current fuel prices the best cruise is 20-23 kts at 2200rpm burning slightly more than 10 gph.