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    looking at the last few 2005's, am more familiar with the volvo's, there are 2 with yanmar 315's and 2 with volo D4 260's...... which one do you guys like better. Am not a cc owner but am determined to be....Like the 28, Also am looking at used as options and found one with KAD44P 260 deisels with 55o hours but no tower or riggers, 2000 hull. I am reading from you guys that there are some changes in hull design from 00-05. Do you feel the changes are worth the cost/loss of depreciation from a bit older hull in good shape? Also a bit worried about sleeping arrangements, can 2 sdults sleep comfortably in the cabin? Anybody try to mount a hammock like net for kids in there? Any help appreciated. Rob

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    2005 Carolina Classic 28
    twin Yanmar 315's

    My best estimate so far......fully loaded, tower, 4 guys, gear, ice, fuel, bait tank, etc......going out slow (12-15 knts. in moderate seas).....trolling around all day, maybe racing around to called in fish.....coming home fast (25-27knts at cruise), total 175+ knm average.....1.5 knm/g

    going solo, local....1/4 tank of fuel, no ice or fresh water, 50 nm/more or less....
    1.9 knm/g

    I do not believe there were any changes to the hull in 2005 other than topside (ie; no portholes, opaque hatch forward, cosmetic changes that were all good in my opinion). Two people can sleep in the cabin no problem.

    I'm very pleased with the Yanmars thus far. Only complaint is one of the zincs is a real pain to change out......but it's a minor issue.