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  • Fuel Bladder

    This question is for Backman or anyone else who frequently uses a fuel bladder to extend range on a CC28.

    Can you recommend a manufacturer?
    How do you secure your bladder in the cockpit? In particular, if you strap it down - to what on your CC28 are you strapping it?
    How do you transfer the fuel into the tank? (siphon vs pump)
    What capacity bladder do you have and what are the approx dimensions full and rolled up empty for storage?
    Could the empty bladder be stowed beneath a fish box if it was secured?
    Lastly... Any words of caution or wisdom???

    Steve on Reel Screamer
    2004 Carolina Classic 28

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    Nauta or ATL

    I just discarded my 8 year old Nauta 37 gallon bladder which was starting to leak at the gasket of the fill insert. West Marine sells it or a 55 gallon tank.

    Mine was plumbed with a vertical fill pipe ( 2"??) and 90 degree outflow hose ( 5/8"?). The outflow was connected to a Jabsco vane pump which was two wired to a two wire connector below the hatch lift switch.

    The 33 gallon was the width of the cockpit from the starboard gunwale to the centerway passage between the tackle stations on the helm deck. It has 4 corner grommets; a piece of clothsline went between the front 2 and around my helm seat; another one came off the rear right grommet and was tied to a tower leg to add a 2nd anchor.

    The fill pipe took a standard marina nozzle; pumped right into it at perhaps 5 gallons/minute and had to burp the air out a couple times along the way. Soap and an absorbant pad helsm contain the diesel mist in the burps.

    Run out; slow to trolling speed and put a couple lines out while I'd open the fuel fill cap stick the hose into the fill hole plug in the pump and away we'd go. Perhaps 10 minutes to empty the tank; untie it; plug the open hose and stow it in one of the fish boxes. Mine was not plumbed with a shut off valve between pump and tank; if I had; I could have broken the two apart and easily stowed them under the fish box.

    If anyone is interested I have a 100 gallon ATL and brand new Jabsco combination which has never been used in anger; just tested with 20 gallons once. Its ~ 800 value I'd sell for 500 as its more weight than I want in a 28.

    Realistically while I have had 80 gallons on the deck before I think 50 gallons is the safe and seaworthy limit you want that high up.


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      Thank you Larry! I was thinking about going with 50 gallons.

      Steve on Reel Screamer
      2004 Carolina Classic 28