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  • Room for improvement.....

    I think everyone would agree that there is no such thing as the perfect boat....although my Carolina Classic is about the best that it can get.
    With that in mind, there is always room for improving an already great product.
    Here's what I would do on my CC28:
    -Get rid of the decals!! I'd gladly pay more $$ for a painted boot stripe and logo. After less than two seasons, mine have peeled off.
    -Instead of offering two small pads for electronics on the dash that only accommodate somewhat smallish-sized display screens, make one large area all the way across the dash.
    -Offer a beefier backrest on the passenger bench seat. I've had to strengthen the pompanette bench substantially to accomodate my more corpulent passengers.
    -Make some adjustments on the windows in front of the helm and passenger stations that would allow them to be opened wider. The tower braces on my 28 come down in front and only allow them to open about 1-1/2".
    -Offer a tuna door on the 28.
    How about the rest of y'all? What would you do to make this great boat even better?

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    This could be an interesting thread. I never rode on a 28 so I can't comment on the changes. I did notice the recent ones on the helm deck and winshield which made a world of difference IMO.

    I agree about the console with the pads for the electronics with everyone wanting larger displays because the eyes are going by the wayside like mine. Mac did change the electronics area on the 32 to 1 flat area so you are'nt as limited. This made a big difference.

    Maybe some of the good sugestions will be incorporated some day. Mac is open to changes.
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      I've seen the changes to the 2005 28's...all for the better. The seating area has been enlarged to seat 4(including the captain) comfortably, and the tackle station and sink have changed to accommodate this. Also, the portholes in the cabin have gone away--good thing.... as mine have a tendancy to leak. The hardtop now has a single grab rail down the center and molded-in white & red lights in the headliner above the helm-these were incorporated in some '04's-including mine. The door to the head is no longer teak....not as pretty, but much less maintenance.
      Everything I mentioned earlier is stuff that would be fairly easy to change or offer as options from the factory.
      I would consider it a priviledge if Mac would allow some of what is said here to influence his designs. In any event, he makes a quality product and should be proud of it.


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        My list

        1. Get the hatch solenoid out of the hatch!
        2. Thruhulls for the head and raw water combined and accessible from step under the cabin. If I need to get to them I don't want to have to go head first past 2 hot engines into a flooding engine room where I could be trapped.
        3. Fish box gutter/drains need to be improved. Water cannot be allowed to enter the bilge through there. Keith showed me the new non removable fishbox and lazarette access design when I was in the factory last winter - I'd like to crawl through that a bit and see how it improves things.
        4. Helm side storage which is standard on a new 28.
        5. 60 gallon belly tank option
        6. Storage system option for one or both of the v berth shelves. Built by fisherman for fisherman!
        7. 2 more gunwale rod holders standard; 2 more cockpit rod holders.
        8. Redo the tackle boxes as someone else showed last winter with a setup for rows and rows of plano boxes.
        9. Design a storage system for oil and coolant bottles on the outboard sid of the engine room - nothing more than a couple piece of fiber wrapped plywood dividers and a couple tie down eyes.
        10. For the NE crew offer a pilot house option with no eisenglass up front or on the sides. Offer 2 large downeaster type windows up front and a pair of sliding windows on the side.
        11. Cable run from the overhead box to the console
        12. Generalized summary - offer a lean, mean fishing machine package which carves all "pretty" weight out of the boat and allows it to be loaded down with fuel, ice on the way out and fish on the way back. A NE run can be 120 miles each way - we need an honest 360 mile safe range, 10 hr's running time and 12 hr'w trolling time and 2 hr's reserve time in fuel. Lose the fridge, lose the battery charger, microwave and inverter; no teak, cut every oz. of weight out and figure out how to provide a seaworthy 300 gallon fuel capacity. Cut the waste and water tanks down as needed.

        Oh yeah - make the D4's standard


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          I agree with a number of the items that were raised above (#2, 3, 4, 7, 8 & 9 - but also feel that if you want t lean, mean fishing maching - have a downeaster built. Mac is marketing these throughout the world, and I'm sure that several potential owners don't want a lean, mean fishing machine. He has come up with a compromise that can serve the serious fisherman, but also appeals to those who want some of the other comforts offered by the larger offshore manufacturers.

          One item that was not mentioned - would be to reverse the opening of the engine hatch. Could it open from the bow to the stern, and in case of major overhauls, etc. the hydraulic lifts could be removed, the pedestals, storage boxes and it could open "flush" onto the cockpit floor with some blocks to offset the amount it is raised? Having just completed a repower, there are sooooooo many instances where you wanted the hatch open to observe something in the engine compartment while you were at the helm, but had to close it - go to the helm - make your observation or complete your work - go back - open the hatch - and check on something. If it opened the other way, it might be a bit narrower, but you could leave the pedestals and seats in place, etc.

          Mac - not a major complaint - it is still a great boat - just a minor tweak.

          Capt. B

          Now a 2014 28' Regulator
          Wall, NJ


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            Here are a few more improvements that I have done that could be made quite easily (#'s 1 & 2) and a couple more that should be standard.

            1. Upgrade the secondary fuel filters to a canister style Racor 900 or 1000's

            2. Install large backing plates on the bolts that fasten the aluminum engine brackets

            3. Get rid of the glass fuses behind the dash and install a D.C. circuit panel in the cabin.

            4. Offer a moulded in bow pulpit similar to Albe for a windlass option rather than just a davit hanging off the bow.

            5.Reposition the rocket launchers up the tower legs so you can navigate the ladder with rods in the holders ( this one really annoys me!!)

            No boat is perfect but Mac is coming real close!! Keep up the good work Mac and I hope you continue to listen to some of the real time feedback on your already wonderful boats!

            "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32


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              2004 28cc

              I would have to agree all sugestions are well thought out I would like to say my 2004 28 cc needs all the upgrads or corrections mention. I found a quick fix to not having a tuna door is mounting a block and tackle to my tower for that tail rope. This cost me $100 to have a bracket welded on the tower and it works great. Now all I need is the big eye.
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                Good Thread

                You guys already covered most of my suggestions for improvements. But here's the top of my list anyway - even if most of it is redundant. (The list is not prioritized.)

                1. Locate the raw water/head seacock in a more accessible spot.
                2. Provide a clam shell over the fuel tank vent to prevent water entry.
                3. Painted logos or better decals on the boat. My fenders easily damage the nice CC 28 decals - they come loose at the narrow points.
                4. Better drainage on the fish box lips to reduce leakage into the bilge. I'm tall - I think I need to stick with removable fish boxes.
                5. I wish my windshield was a bit taller - but whos fault is that?
                6. Some way of stopping water entry through the eisenglass seams above the helm station.
                7. Interlock the engine hatch and helm seat. (AKA be kind to steering wheels.)
                8. Larger bait tank. A west coast thing, I know.
                9. Provide recessed attachment points for a restraining net under the v-birth so stuff stowed under there does not slide out while running.
                10. I would love another 30 - 60 gallons of fuel capacity. I've reached home on empty a couple times.
                11. A 12 Volt outlet in the cabin (I have one at the helm.) for my cell phone.

                I absolutely love my CC 28 - these are just suggested improvements.
                Steve on Reel Screamer
                2004 Carolina Classic 28