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  • Handling CCs alone

    I love to fish by myself and enjoy my Regulator 24 very much for this. Of course this is still a small boat and I take lots of licks from the sea. My friends and family have [rightly] come to know that a fishing trip with me can be a lot of nauseous work

    As I dream of larger boats someday I wonder if frequent solo trips are still easy if you're running a 28 or a 32? Any experience or opinions are welcome!


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    Solo Trips

    Solo trips are no problem for me, do it lots of times but only inshore. Besides, even though many of my buddy's are excellent fishermen, they don't know their ass's from their elbows about boats or navigation so its always up to me to do everything myself anyway.

    The only problem is, its boring to be alone, always much more enjoyable with a crew. But if I have a couple of hrs to kill without company, I'll go out and fish the areas within a few miles of shore. When I go out for shark or to the Hudson I want at least two and no more than 3 others to go. Handling my 28CC with twin screw is ten times easier than my old 25CC with a single I/O.
    2003 28 Carolina Classic Volvo 300 diesels


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      CC alone

      Thanks for the reply.

      My trips are almost all offshore lately. I'll go as far as the conditions will allow, which means the canyons on good days or the closest bump on iffy ones.

      So you're able to handle your 28 solo as easily as your old center console? Mainly I'm talking about boat handling and managing a basic trolling spread. In my Regulator I'm always within 2 leaps of even the most distant rod.


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        My old 25 was a Carolina Classic. Boat handling and docking is a breeze with the 28. When I troll, its only for stripers with two rods on side riggers. Obviously, trolling is the most dangerous part of fishing alone, you don't want to slip and fall overboard while setting up the rods with the boat in gear.
        2003 28 Carolina Classic Volvo 300 diesels


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          CC28 solo

          I too fish my 28 solo inshore but have a crew for offshore. When I was younger and dumber I did offshore trips solo and had no problem managing a 5 or 6 rod spread by myself.

          I stopped the solo trips after trolling up a 5'+ mako on a plug and having no choice after an houer of gaffing it solo.

          handling wise - its a dream to dock a 28 solo with inboards; obviolsy running at speed is not an issue; trolling is easy; the 2 things that are tough are drifting a rip in a cross wind or trying to land a substantial fish in any seas.

          Basically the boat is simple as long as its moving - sideways in a drift or being blown sideways while docking can be very bad.


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            I ran a 26' Shamrock for 10 years - majority of the time alone - I would routinely go up to about 40 miles offshore - after that - I would always have at least one other crew member. Now that the "children" are out of college and can join me and we have also been blessed with young grand children, my wife wanted me to get something with twin diesels. I still go out alone frequently, and one of the reasons I purchased my 28' was the ease in handling it alone.
            Capt. B

            Now a 2014 28' Regulator
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              Good to hear guys. One of these days I'll need to take a ride on one.


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                I take my 28 out a lot alone with no problem.
                Capt. Nicolls
                Atlantic Coast
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                  fish alone

                  I guess I am a CC wanna be owner until I get one, but I fish my pursuit 3070 offshore (twin outboards) no problem by myself with the autopilot. the obvious problem is if you fall out of your boat with the boat running it is a very long swim home.